Win Your Share of 170 Prizes in $780K Luxury Deaf Lottery 164

You know better than anyone else, what is best for you.

That’s why Deaf Lottery get it so right when they give their you as the 1st prize winner the opportunity for you to decide for yourself what prize you would like most.

Deaf Lottery put you in the driver seat. You get to decide between 4 fantastic prizes. Which one most suits your lifestyle & the goals & aspirations you have for your future?

Deaf Services provide valuable services, to people who are deaf or hard of hearing every day of the week.

The philosophy is largely about empowerment, access to assistance & resources, being connected & having the willingness to prosper & participate.

Deaf Services understand that we are all in a different place, in our own private universe. That fire that burns in your belly & drives you to progress, may be completely boring to the next person, who may think you have rocks in your head.

It is that intrinsic understanding, that inspires the Deaf Lottery team, to put together 4 fabulous prize packages to consider, which is going to boost your lifestyle best. They’ve really got it right!

Deaf Services Queensland approved for in-home care for deaf seniors.

In late 2015 Deaf Services Qld “Aging Well” service was accepted as an approved provider of home care by the Australian Government.

In 2017, major changes are underway for the way home care packages are provided to ageing Australians.

The approval for Deaf Services to provide this level of care will ensure Deaf & hard of hearing seniors have access to specialised care from professional with an understanding of deafness.

Your support of the Deaf Lottery has allowed Deaf Services & the “Aging Well” team to continue to deliver tailored home care, group activities & information on aged care to our deaf, deaf-blind & hard of hearing seniors.

Which of these 1st prize packages most reflects your ideal future Lifestyle?

Our dreams & aspirations are deeply entrenched in our core values. Every inclination is driven by the strength of those values.

While our motivation revolves largely around how committed we are to achieving our goals, whether we have planned out the steps required to achieve our goals & how we are progressing on that path to success.

As the 1st prize winner of Deaf Lottery Draw 164, you would have a remarkable opportunity to select the prize package that will catapult your progress towards your dream Lifestyle.

It’s admirable to be committed to working towards your goals, but it is also so very important, to allow yourself some down time, to reflect on your achievements so far, put things into perspective & fine tune what your next steps should be.

We should never forget to reward ourselves for our progress, for our achievements along the way, for staying true to our beliefs & for being dignified in our approach.

Financial freedom is within your grasp with the mortgage buster package.

  • This Prize package allows you a choose a new car or cars with a minimum of $30,000 deposit. You can drive from a to b and back again in your dream car!

  • Are you more interested in a car that you can taxi your kids around in? One that has unparalleled safety features with airbags throughout the interior?

  • Are you interested in a 4WD that you can take off-road on weekends? It would be the ideal vehicle to tow your boat or caravan, now that you can relax a bit more.

  • When you have chosen your ideal car, you can turn your attention to the balance of your 1st prize win & decide how you can best invest it for your continued wealth creation.

  • This prize will also provide you with up to $550,000 in Gold Bullion as well as up to $20,000 in cash, to a total prize of $600,000.

  • Order your tickets early for your chance at financial freedom.

Investment or Lifestyle, your dream home awaits.

  • This Prize offers for you to build a New Home, with a minimum of $80,000 deposit.

  • Or, you may already have land & now your long-term goal of building a magnificent home will become a short-term goal. How good will it feel to build your home, move in & own it outright? It is hard to imagine that feeling of security & accomplishment.

  • This is your opportunity to have the house you have been dreaming of, without the commitment to the huge mortgage & monthly repayments that come with it.

  • You may decide that a House & Land package, is the perfect way to invest your treasure trove.

  • Alternatively, you could purchase an investment property & become a landlord, who now has a passive income stream every month for the rest of your life.

  • You could use your passive income stream to help you accumulate enough deposit to purchase a further investment property.

  • This prize will also provide you with up to $500,000 in Gold Bullion as well as up to $20,000 in cash, to a total prize of $600,000.

Design the lifestyle YOU want to win!

  • This Prize offers for you the choice of almost anything you like, with a minimum of $80,000 deposit. You could purchase machinery, property, travel, shares, a business or a combination of all of these!

  • How satisfying does it feel to know you never need to struggle again? You can put great thought into what it is you want most, that can propel your goals to new heights.

  • Imagine being able to travel to destinations, you never thought you would ever actually get to explore? Plus you have the freedom to fly first class!

  • Imagine being able to travel to an economically deprived country & being able to dedicate substantial time to helping its people, families & communities? Would that give you a deep sense of satisfaction & pride? Does that purpose resonate with your values?

  • Your generosity may reside closer to home, where you can surprise your partner with something you know will deeply please them.

  • You could gift each of your children an amount that they can use to increase their own wealth.

  • Perhaps you can afford the $38K to do the MBA you have been pondering. But that’s a lot of money to come up with, considering you also need to invest the time to complete it. Such a large spend in funds & commitment may have been out of your reach. An MBA could offer you the credibility to transcend your career pathway.

  • Perhaps you could travel to Amsterdam & live there for 3 months while you dedicate your time to putting that fantastic book idea of your on paper.

  • There are so many things that have deep meaning for you, that you can now progress with as a goal, rather than only dreaming about.

  • This prize package gives you the power to dramatically improve your life & have a fundamental impact on so many others

  • This prize will also provide you with up to $500,000 in Gold Bullion as well as up to $20,000 in cash, to a total prize of $600,000

Travel for months on end, now that’s a lifestyle!

  • This Prize offers for you to choose a New Motor Home, a Campervan, a Caravan, a boat, a houseboat, a luxury yacht or a 4WD, with a minimum of $80,000 deposit.

  • You could also set out to explore the world from one cruise ship to another cruise ship, from Caribbean Islands to Pacific Islands, cruise along the Rhine River, or the Bahamas, Canada & New England, Alaska, or Asia, or anywhere your heart desires that a ship can take you.

  • You could even head inland while you are reasonably close & embark on some of the world’s most famous train trips. You could head off on the Blue Train in South Africa, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express in Europe, the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada or the Palace on Wheels in India, to name a few.

  • You could be gone for 3 months or even 6 months. You would come home inspired, outraged, emotionally touched, wrecked, exhausted & very grateful that you truly live in one of the most privileged & amazing countries in the world.

  • We certainly do live in the “Lucky Country”, your heart may be burning to head off in your new Winnebago to destinations far removed from the urban landscape you live & work in. Australia is so vast with such contrast & immense beauty. You will be fascinated & enthralled with what you discover throughout your journey.

  • This prize will also provide you with up to $500,000 in Gold Bullion as well as up to $20,000 in cash, to a total prize of $600,000.

Deaf Lottery Draw 164 offers a Bodacious Bevy of Bounties with 170 prizes to be won

Yes, a bodacious bevy of bounties, worth a staggering $787,700 in prizes.

It sure would be fantastic to win your share of the prize booty.

If one of your tickets win a prize, your ticket will be returned to the barrel & has the same chance as any other ticket of being drawn again. So you would be extremely lucky, but hey, you can win multiple prizes.

We have already read through what is on offer for 1st prize, here we take a look at the other 169 prizes with a combined value of $187,700!

Prize Pool Table

Name of Prize & how to qualify

Prize Description

2nd Prize

A MasterCard Debit Card $5,000

3rd Prize

A MasterCard Debit Card $3,000

4th & 5th Prize Winners

MasterCard Debit Cards $2,000 each Total prize pool $4,000

6th to 10th Prize Winners

MasterCard Debit Cards $1,000 each Total prize pool $5,000

11th to 100th Prize Winners

MasterCard Debit Cards $200 each Total prize pool $18,000

Online ticket order Reward Prize

Canon EOS 70D Digital Camera or a MasterCard Debit Card $1,500

Early Bird Prize Draws

Order $20 or more in consecutive tickets, prior to April 23rd, 2017, to qualify for all 3 of the Early Bird Draws: Kick-off, Half-time and Full-time.

15 x Travel MasterCard Debit Cards at $2,000 each

Total Prize Pool of $30,000

Draws x 3 listed below

The Kick off Early Bird Draw

Order $20 or more in consecutive tickets, prior to April 23rd, 2017, to qualify for this and the two other Early Bird Draws: Half-time and Full-time

5 Prizes, Travel or MasterCard Debit Cards at $2,000 each

Total prize pool $10,000

The Half Time Early Bird Draw

Order $20 or more in consecutive tickets, prior to May 7th, 2017, to qualify for this & the Full-Time Early Bird Draw.

5 Prizes, Travel or MasterCard Debit Cards at $2,000 each

Total prize pool $10,000

The Full-Time Early Bird Draw

Order $20 or more in consecutive tickets, prior to May 21st, 2017, to qualify.

5 Prizes, Travel or MasterCard Debit Cards at $2,000 each

Total prize pool $10,000

Promotion Code Draw

Find your promotion code in the bottom right-hand corner of the Deaf Lottery promotional brochure & quote it when you are ordering your tickets.

3 prizes at $200 each,

total prize pool $600.

These are the all important dates

Draw 164 closes on 21.05.2017. Winners Drawn on 25.05.2017. Winners will be drawn at 467 Enoggera Road, Alderley QLD 4051 at 2 pm AEST & the public can attend.

Winner of 1st Prize to be contacted by phone.

All other Prize Winners to be notified by mail. Results to be published on Only 1,350,000 tickets will be sold in this draw.

Prize table for multi-ticket orders: extra prizes.

Purchase more than 20 consecutive tickets in one transaction in the same entity. If one of your tickets win 1st Prize you will be entitled to the extra prizes as outlined in the table below.

Tickets Price

Number of Tickets

Extra multi-ticket prizes for 1st place

$2 Ticket


Prize Package as stated above

$10 Book


$5,000 extra Gold Bullion

$20 Book


$15,000 extra Gold Bullion

$30 Book


$25,000 extra Cash

$50 Book


$35,000 extra Gold Bullion

$100 Book


$55,000 extra Gold Bullion

$200 Book


$55,000 extra Gold Bullion & automatically qualified for entry in the $30,000 VIP Draw

Our team at House and Car, thank you for your time and commend you for your contribution.

We wish you the very best of Luck! H&C