2.6 million prize pool and over 4,000 tickets up for grabs

The MS Game Changer Lottery has 4,018 prizes including a grand prize that gives you the choice of a $1.6 million custom home or $1.5 million in cash. Only 60,000 tickets will be sold which means you have great odds of being a winner.

Wake up a Millionaire

If you’ve always wanted to build your own home on a millionaire budget, the Grand Prize is a dream come true. You’ll have $1.6 million to spend with award-winning Metricon Homes who’ll do everything they can to make your plans a reality. If you don’t already have a lot, you can use a sizeable portion of your prize value to purchase land in South Australia.

You also have the option of taking $1.5 million in cash if you’d prefer to do something else with your winnings. Either way, if you’re the lucky Grand Prize winner in the MS Game Changer Lottery, you’ll be waking up a millionaire.

Head-Turning Early Bird Prize

Get your tickets before 31 May 2018 if you want a chance to win a 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé worth $277,000. This is the real thing – a powerful sports car that can top 300 km an hour and is a show piece for the manufacturer’s legendary engineering and design. Includes all on-road costs except insurance.

If you don’t want a sports car, you can always walk away with $250,000 in cash.

$15,000 Bonus Draw

Every weekday between May 7th and May 25th, there will be a draw for $1,000 in cash. Be sure to purchase your tickets before 3 May 2018 for your 15 chances to win.

Luxury Cars and Fabulous Trips

Your ticket in the MS Game Changer Lottery could also win you one of 4 luxury vehicles or 4 exciting getaways.

  • 2018 Range Rover Evoque ($72,000
  • 2018 Toyota Landcruiser Prado ($68,466)
  • 2018 BMW 3 Series 318i Sedan ($66,890)
  • 2018 Audi A3 Convertible ($55,627)
  • 6 Nights in Canada ($7,500)
  • 6 Nights in the Maldives ($6,500)
  • 6 Nights in the Greek Islands ($6,500)
  • 3 Nights in the Whitsundays ($3,500)

Adventure Prizes

22 unique experiences that you’ll never forget.

  • Penfolds Grange Tour (x4)
  • Turbo Rally Drive (x4)
  • Swim with the Dolphins (x4)
  • Massage and Body Treatment (x4)
  • Feed Lions and Tigers at the Adelaide Zoo (x4)
  • Lane Vineyards Wine Tasting (x2)

Thousands of Additional Prizes

  • 1 x Samsung 65” Premium UHD LED TV
  • 1 x Apple iPhone 8
  • 5 x Nespresso Coffee Machine
  • 1 x Beefeater Bugg BBQ
  • 1 x Kitchenaid Cook Processor
  • 2 x Dyson Handstick Vacuum
  • 5 x Fitbit Alta HR
  • 3 x Apple iPad
  • 3 x Xbox One X
  • 5 x Gasmate Pizza Oven
  • 400 x Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • 457 x Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • 10 x Parrot Mambo Minidrone
  • 10 x Google Home
  • 4 x Spero Robotic Ball
  • 3 x Yamaha Home Entertainment System
  • 300 x $100 Myers Voucher
  • 300 x $100 Hoyts Cinema Vouchers
  • 2,460 x half case of premium Robert Oatley Vineyards and the Lane Vineyard wine

Here Are the Magic Dates

Midnight on 3 May 2018: Deadline to get in on the Bonus Draw.

Midnight on 31 May 2018: Deadline to get in on the Early Bird Draw.

6 June 2018: Early Bird Draw.

Midnight on 21 June 2018: Close of ticket sales.

27 June 2018: Main draw. This will be the draw for all remaining prizes including the Grand Prize $1.6 million home or $1.5 million in cash.

If all of the 60,000 tickets are sold before the date of the Early Bird draw (6 June 2018), all other prizes will be drawn on that date as well.

Winners will be notified in writing after each draw. Those who win any of the 15 Bonus Prizes, the Early Bird Prize, the Grand Prize, the vehicles or the holidays will be contacted over the phone by a representative of the MS Society of South Australia and Northern Territory.

Tickets Will Sell Out So Don’t Delay

Quite apart from securing your spot in the Bonus and Early Bird draws, purchasing your tickets now will ensure you don’t miss out on your share of the $2,646,325 prize pool. Only 60,000 tickets will be sold, which is why you have a 1 in 15 chance of winning with every ticket you buy.

Thank you for supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Society of South Australia & Northern Territory. Proceeds from ticket sales in the MS Game Changer Lottery go towards finding a cause and cure and provide support for those with MS and their families.