$2mill RSL 1st Prize: Sydney inner-City Lifestyle Penthouse!

Sydney NSW is s cosmopolitan, diverse and eclectic City. Sydney is also the world’s second most expensive City to live in. Over the past 4 decades Sydney’s property prices have continued to climb, to the dizzying heights, they are today. And there appears to be no abating. Some talk of housing bubbles and there has always been an element of scepticism. Yet due to finite supply and somewhat infinite demand, especially for well-located property.

There is great confidence in the Sydney property market and a National love affair with our unofficial Capital. For so many of us, though, it is difficult enough holding down a well-paying job in a competitive skills pool, while we pay our rent for the closest housing to our job that we can afford, all while supporting and providing for our family.

Most of us must make sacrifices in order to get ahead of our expenses, whether that means both partners work, or whether one partner works two or 3 jobs and an eBay business on the side. We buy no name groceries and make the most of our cheap cuts of meat and seek out activities that are easy on the pocket.

Yet, still we struggle to get ahead, the insurance is due, the rego is due, the washing machine has died, we can’t seem to stay on top of the 24% credit card debt, but if we pay it off, there is the fear that we may h=just spend it again, like we did last Christmas. So we kid ourselves, that sure I have credit card debt, but I also have savings. But that is a negative scenario, whereby the interest you are being charged is infinitely higher than the .02% interest you are getting on your savings balance.

Dream Big!

No one wants to give up on the dream of buying our own property, so every now and then we will splurge and buy ourselves a scratchie, or a lottery ticket or an art union ticket, with our fingers crossed, that we will be the ones holding that winning ticket. Ding, Ding Ding. But all lotteries are not equal. RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery, offers one of the best odds of winning out there in draw No 344 only 2,180,000 tickets will be sold. Even better, you know that money raised through the Art Union is going to a worthwhile cause.

Just launched, is RSL Art Union Draw 344, with a 1st prize value just over $2,000,000. With tickets costing just $5, it’s rarely ever been so easy to be holding that winning ticket and moving into your very own Penthouse Apartment just 4km from Sydney CBD!

So you are going to be feeling pretty fantastic about moving into this Penthouse apartment? Proximity is another important factor in home ownership and it doesn’t get much better than being able to leave home and have a coffee, a meal or buy fresh groceries within steps of your front door.

In fact, you will be spoilt for choice. Just about every cuisine you could imagine is available within a 5 km radius. And speaking of km, you can leave your car at home, because public transport is readily available for you convenience with busses stopping at your front door that will take you to North Sydney, Inner Sydney, North West and many other advantageous locations.

Imagine how much money you will save on parking in the city, there is a small fortune just there, parking is real-estate after all.

If you win 1st Prize, you get to choose whether you would prefer a cool $2,000,000 in Gold Bullion and a $2,000 travel voucher. Or

This spectacular Inner City Penthouse Apartment: complete with furniture and accessories worth $2,002,048 and a $2,000 travel voucher.

Following is a list of what you get when you choose the Inner City Penthouse apartment;

  • Apartment 21, 72 HQ Building, Parramatta Road, Camperdown NSW 2050
  • $250,000 in Cashable Gold Bullion
  • $97,800 in Furniture and an Electrical Appliances Package
  • $72,115 in Property Transfer fees
  • $2,000 Travel Voucher
  • $1,375 Legal fees
  • $3,758 paid for 12 months of Water Rates, Rates & Body Corp’ fees
  • 200 sqm 2 story Penthouse Apartment
  • Master bedroom with ensuite & access to exclusive roof garden balcony
  • Bedroom 2 with access to exclusive roof garden balcony
  • Bedroom 3 has a skylight in the ceiling
  • Reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning to the entire apartment
  • Single secure parking and 1.5 sqm exclusive storage
  • Two bathrooms with tiles to the ceiling and frameless shower screens
  • Separate powder room
  • Entertainers Kitchen, with ample storage, solid benchtops and servery, smeg electrical appliances, large 2-door fridge freezer. lots of pot draws for maximum storage and convenience.
  • Generous Balcony leading out from Living Room
  • Open plan living.

Is the Gold for you?

$2 million in cashable Gold is a lot of loot in anyone’s language. It sure would go a long way towards setting you up for life. You can invest in some smart assets that will provide income for you well into your future. It is life changing whichever way you look at it. This would mean you could retire sooner, or retire now. You could buy a business or set one up, you could quit your second job and spend more time e=with your loved ones. Most of all, you have some freedom to make choices, based on what you want to do, what you dream of and what fits best with your preferred lifestyle, not restricted because you have obligations you struggle to meet. What a comforting and exciting situation to be in. I’ve already purchased my tickets, you can Purchase Your Tickets Here

2nd Prize $10,000 worth of Cashable Gold Bullion

3rd Prize $5,000 worth of Cashable Gold Bullion

Prize Home #344 Dates to Remember

RSL Art Union Draw 344 will close at 8pm, April 4th, 2017. Winners selected 10am, April 12th, 2017, at Anzac House, 283 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley, Qld 4006. You are invited to attend. This Penthouse will not be open for inspection.

Winner to be notified by registered mail. Results will be posted on www.houseandcar.com.au and published in The Courier Mail and The Australian April 14th, 2017.

It may only take 1 ticket to win and you could be holding that winning ticket!

By purchasing additional tickets in the same name at the same time, you can receive free tickets based on how many you buy, which will give you even better chances of winning. If that’s not exciting enough, when you buy additional tickets and you win, you also win bonus prizes.

RSL Art Union Prize Home Tickets sell fast because the odds of winning are so good and the 1st prize is so valuable. If you want tickets in this draw, it is a good idea to Buy Your Tickets Now, before you are too late

The following chart indicates the prize you can expect to receive based on how many tickets you buy

Price NO of tickets NO of free tickets Extra Prizes based on number of tickets bought
$5 1 ticket N/A
$20 4 tickets 1 free ticket $40,000
$30 6 tickets 2 free tickets $55,000
$50 10 tickets 3 free tickets $85,000
$75 15 tickest 4 free tickets $105,000
$100 20 tickets 5 free tickets $135,000
$200 40 tickets 10 free tickets $135,000
$500 100 tickets 25 free tickets $135,000

Support our RSL, so that they can support our returned service men and women

Each year many ver=teran service men and women and returned service men and women, reach out to RSL for assistance, for a myriad of reasons. RSL provide support services such as emergency housing, Advocacy, and programs to improve the quality of life for veterans. For decades the RSL have run lotteries and in more recent years, Prize Home lotteries in order to secure the funding they require to continue with their important work. Buy buying tickets in the Art Union you help RSL to secure that necessary funding and we salute you.